I originally trained as a traditional illustrator, but moved across to the digital realm; to film and television post production.

I tend to specialise in Lighting / Rendering, Look Development and Artistic direction. I'm also a 3D Generalist, with additional experience in the disciplines of 2d / 3d matte painting and texturing.

3d Software: Maya (Houdini - lighting/rendering )

Renderers: Arnold/ Vray /Redshift

2d /3d: Nuke/ Substance Painter/ Photoshop/AfterEffects

Employment History


Passion pictures_300x300
Passion Pictures

Freelance Senior 3D Artist

.  I have recently completed work on the new Gorillaz video  – Strobelite.  I helped to develop the look of the characters and the live action integration, as a 3d Lead Artist on the promo. 

Compare the market (meerkats), Jingdong, League of Legends, and Anchor butter are also campaigns I’ve recently finished work on.  


Analog Studio

Freelance Senior 3D Artist

–March  2017  I worked as a 3d / 2d generalist on a series of Tv commercials for Blue Apron.



The Mill

 Freelance Senior 3D Artist

– Nov 2016  I worked in various roles on a Melitta Tv campaign.


Passion Pictures
Freelance Senior 3D Artist

 – August 2016  I worked on various Tv spots : Lead Artist / Art direction /Look development/Lighting & rendering – Wall’s ice cream. Angry Kid Tv series for Aardman – Lead Artist/Look development/Lighting /rendering / Compositing.



Freelance Senior 3D Artist

 – May 2015 I worked alongside a team to create CG environments for a high end Tv series to be broadcast in the U.S.  



Freelance Senior 3D Artist

 – March  I worked on a Tv ad campaign for Honda ‘Endless Road’ I was the Lead lighting/rendering  artist on the spot. We created a fully CG car to be integrated with a Live-Action Miniature set.  

The Mill

Freelance Senior 3D Artist

– Present I am presently based at The Mill, an Oscar winning VFX house based in Fitzrovia, London. I have been working primarily as 3D artist on a wide variety of Tv Commercials for many of the leading brands – from Ranger Rover, to Nike, Heineken to Pepsi, to name but a few.


Freelance Senior 3D Artist

(3 months) I worked on a Tv ad campaign for Lexus. Dir: Daniel Kleinman I was involved from previs through to final delivery. I was the lead 3d artist on the project and also served as an artistic director. This involved creating a fully CG sequence of the Lexus concept car, that comes in to frame out of the shadows at the end of the spot.  

The Mill

Freelance Senior 3D Artist

(2 years 11 months) I worked as a 3D artist on a number of  Tv Commercials. On the Comfort and Nike Tv spots, BT and O2 as well as a host of others.

  • Jordi Barés
    Former Creative Director and Head of 3d at The Mill
    Creative Director at Framestore

    Adrian is one of the very finest artists I have worked with, he has a wonderful attitude to work, his skills speak for themselves but the amazing thing is how much he really brings to the job at hand that may not be that obvious. Is one of those really good artists that everything that he touches looks gorgeous, that defines the look for others to follow, he will employ the very creative approach I really crave from a 3D artist by resolving the problem by doing something new and original, both in terms of look and approach. Also is someone open to explore new avenues when someone challenges them to try a radical idea, instead of being a static artist he gives it a serious go and makes an informed decision, I always respect that. An efficient worker, really really honest and a wonderful person to work with and be. He will adapt to the team and make himself useful always. I would work with him any day.


Freelance Senior 3D Generalist

(7 months) I created a series of digital environments for a TV ad campaign for Guinness, in addition to working on a number of other ads during my time there.

Fluid Pictures

Senior 3D Generalist / Visual effects artist / matte painter

(3 years 8 months) I left The Mill at the invitation of the then head of Mill TV to become a founding member of his yet to be established company, Fluid Pictures. Senior 3d generalist / visual effects artist – The Colour Of Magic (sky 1) (BAFTA nominated – for best visual effects) Visual Effects Supervisor / Graphics supervisor on series 2 of  C5/ Senior 3d animator – Monster Moves (National Geographic) for Channel Five (RTS award nominated)

The Mill

Freelance Senior 3D Generalist / Visual effects artist / matte painter

(1 year 4 months) Senior 3d animator/visual effects artist – National Geographic’s Award Winning ‘Life Before Birth’ Senior 3d animator/visual effects artist -Monster Moves for Channel Five Senior 3d animator/visual effects artist -bioterror for National Geographic Lead 3d animator/visual effects artist & VFX supervisor – Dyson ad campaign Matte painter/cg artist – Channel 4’s Emmy Award Winning ‘Elizabeth’ for which we won a VES award.. Matte painter/cg artist – Dr Who ‘xmas special’ Lead matte painter /Senior 3d animator -BBC’s Planet earth (interstitials)

peerless camera co.

Freelance 3D generalist

(7 months) 3d animator on the Terry Gilliam film ‘The Brother’s Grimm’ Duties included 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, object tracking, animation and rendering.

Clear ( now Prime Focus )

3D generalist

(3 years 11 months) During my time at Clear I worked on a variety of different projects – Commercials/ Tv campaigns …including Renault, Nescafe, V05, Nurofen, Vicks, FIFA World Cup promo, BBC ‘Face-offs’ (freeview campaign) Documentaries …including the BBC horizon series Pop promos …including Suga babes, Missy elliot, West life, Dani minogue, Fc kahuna, Moloko, Queens of the stone age Films….’28 days later’ (Dir.Danny Boyle), ‘Millions’ (Dir.Danny Boyle) and ’24 hour party people’ (Dir.Mike Winterbottom) Duties included 3D modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and rendering, Matte painting, Camera and object tracking, shoot attendance and supervision




Middlesex University Ba (hons) Degree – Scientific /Technical Illustration   Surrey University Foundation Degree  in Fine Art & Design


Dave Fleet   Head of 3D (London), The Mill # 020 7287 4041 dfleet@themill.com   Dave Throssell (Former head of MILL TV) Director, Fluid Pictures # 0788 4433091 dave.throssell@fluid-pictures.com   Adrian Wyer Director, Fluid Pictures # 0797 4841791 adrian.wyer@fluid-pictures.com    


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